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The rants about Running

I’m a running enthusiast.  But these days I have been wondering what is this whole running affair about?

First,  we started running leisurely to keep fit and healthy.  Then we run more and more,  longer and longer, further and further,  then we enter races. Enter races doesn’t mean we want to be on the podium.  Most of us who enter races just want to be part of it and have fun. Additionally also to see how good (bad) we are in comparison with others.  Without knowing, we get addicted to running and we can’t stop.

Rant no. 1:

Here comes the most dreaded word we all hate to hear – Injury.

As we run more and more,  we get injured.  It is usually RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). We repeat the same action of running day in day out and  our legs are complaining.

Because of the pain,  we are forced to stop and take the back seat. Most injuries don’t get better with just a few days of rest, may take months to recover and require many visits to the doctor or physiotherapist.

Rant no. 2:

Our family members are concerned.  They are not runners and don’t understand why we want to run long distances and getting injured so often.  My mom said you should stop running.  If you really want to keep fit, just run a short distance once in a while.  Don’t run marathon ever again.  My fil said you should stop and don’t go running again. Keep hearing these words are demoralizing. As I was still fighting to want to better my marathon timing and eventually run ultra, this episode is making it seems impossible.

Why can’t I continue to do what I love doing?  Why am I forced to stop? I like running and I like running long distances.  Is it wrong? It is depressing enough to have been not able to run due to injury and our loved ones are adding salt to the wound.

I understand it is out of concern, they don’t want to see me getting injured so often and not be able to walk naturally.  But it is something I really enjoy doing and I don’t want to stop. To take that away from me is to take my happiness away. 

Rant no. 3:

The problem with being a female runner is the danger of running alone sometimes, especially in the trail or quiet places.  I read many news about female joggers being attacked and killed.  At first,  I refused to believe that there are many perverts out there.  But when things do happen, it reminds me that they are real.  The danger is real.  Female joggers can’t even enjoy running in peace and have to be constantly in fear if they are being followed by strangers.

Virtually and recently,  someone followed me on strava but his profile looks fake and suspicious.  In the description there are texts and links about something inappropriate. There are zero running or workout stats. I blocked this person immediately upon checking my strava and it is sending shivers down my spine.

Rant no. 4:

One of the people I know has recently broke up with her husband due to her addiction in running and mountain climbing. She has been hanging out with her like-minded friends a lot. The husband is very unhappy and had been complaining. She may also has been getting quite close with one of the male friends who share the same hobby and the husband is jealous and things like that.  The unhappiness was finally getting out of hand and the wife wanted a divorce. The husband is heart broken.  Their children suffer.

Running has not only brought fitness,  happiness,  satisfaction,  positive vibes,  a strong body and mind,  but also pain, ugly/missing toe nails,  injury,  fear, death,  jealousy, broken marriage (family), and the list goes on.

These incidents set me thinking. Running is such a simple and beautiful activity but comes with many strings attached.  Apa ini?

1 thought on “The rants about Running

  1. Everything must have a balance.
    Learn to balance your love of running and all shall be fine. You will want to run for many years to come. So do take care of yourself and listen to your body advice to rest and recuperate. 休息是要走更长的路

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