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50 Hours Non Stop Run 2018 [43KM]

This is my second time participating in the 50 Hours Non Stop Run organised by Tampines West Community Sports Club. You can read my last year story [here].

Event location: Bedok Reservoir Park

Categories: Up to 43KM (10 loops) or Up to 64.5KM (15 loops).

Just before sunrise on 29 Apr.

This event is not a race, there is no timing chip. You can come and go as and when you like within the 50 hours period. Run at one go or break up your runs to 2 to 3 times based on your own pace, own target.

I signed up for 43KM just like last year. I registered my start time as 9am on 28 April, but in the end I decided to start on Sunday instead, 29 April. My target was to complete the run at one go. Took the first bus there at 5.50AM and reached at around 6.35AM but alighted at the wrong stop because too dark, couldn’t see the place properly. I had to jog back about 2 bus stops away to the starting point, thanks to a kind lady who showed me the way.

I started the run at about 6.50AM and there weren’t many people. I completed the first 3 rounds easily and 4th round onwards, the sun was getting hotter and hotter. Some parts of Bedok Reservoir Park are shaded from trees and some buildings, but most parts are not. I had to find shades and ran on the grass to be nearer to the trees. In the past few days, there have been rains and thundery showers, so I was hoping for some rains but the weather was extremely hot with no signs of rain at all. I continued to run and walk to complete another 3 rounds to make it to 6 rounds and by then, I was already burning up and I was feeling sick. My PF was causing much stabbing pain on my right foot too. I was almost limping.

The sun was so unbearably hot, it felt like 10 suns hanging high up in the sky, furiously burning every expose skin of mine. There was a mist area installed for the participants but the mist was so weak, it didn’t really help. It needed to be made stronger and more powerful. I was worried I might get heat stroke, so I decided to take a short break under the resting tent. It was still warm and there was a fan there, it helped a little. After resting for about 10 – 15 minutes, I decided to carry on.

There was a water point somewhere in the mid-way point from the starting area. They served cold mineral water. Thankful for that. The 2 mineral water tanks placed near the registration table were almost boiled by the sun. The water was hot when I tried to drink it! So I poured away and took a cold can of sports drink instead. I saw many 15 loops runners were also suffering from the heat and I couldn’t imagine they had to complete 15 rounds! Maybe they started on Saturday and came back on Sunday to finish the remaining loops. I was happy I only needed to do 10 loops and could go home after that.

After completing 8 loops, I couldn’t handle the heat anymore and the pain on my foot. I went to the resting area, lay down to take a nap. I was feeling much better after about 20 – 30 minutes rest. I continued and finished the remaining 2 loops with fresher legs after that much needed rest.

10 loops of Bedok Reservoir Park completed in 8 hours 26 minutes moving time, 10 hours 14 minutes elapsed time. I ate a mixed fruit & nut bar for breakfast, an energy gel for lunch and another mixed fruit & nut bar for tea break during the whole duration.

This running event has no frills but well-organised, affordable and fun. Hope the sun shows some mercy next time. Give us some drizzles!

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